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Vermont Shepherd Cheese

The oldest and most well known of the country's sheep and mixed milk cheeses, made on our Vermont family farm in small batches.


Vermont Shepherd Verano is a smooth and creamy cheese with a sweet, rich, and earthy flavor and a rustic golden brown...


Invierno is a versatile cheese with a rich, butter and mushroom flavor. It melts well and is delicious with cider,...

Well-Aged Invierno

Our cow and sheep mixed milk cheese, Invierno is well-aged at 2 years. Highly flavorful, hard, and crumbly. Great for...

Cheese Assortment

Celebrate the seasons of our farm with us! Our Holiday Assortment includes 3/4 pound of our summer sheep cheese,...

Fromage Blanc

A classic french cream cheese, excellent for spreading on crackers, bagels, or cooking and baking with. Stir in herbs...

Applewood Smoked Invierno

Our Invierno Smoked with our farm's apple trees. Highly flavorful!

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