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Naturally Friendly Soap

(Taking the week off!) All-natural handmade coconut milk coap. Ingredients include Olive oil, sustainable oils of palm, coconut, avocado, shea & cocoa butter, grapeseed, calendula, essential oils and some fragrance.


naturally artisan made peppermint soap.

lemongrass scrub

creamy coconut milk artisan soap. Has cornmeal all the way thru for great exfoliation. great hand scrub.

Rose and clay

Artisan made rose and clay soap. green french clay is added to give a refreshing finish to your bathing.


artisan made lavender transports one to the countryside of France. Fresh and vibrant.


artisan made with that sweet earthiness that patchouli is known for. i add coffee grounds for a deeper note and...

spruce and bergamot

artisan soap naturally colored with chlorophyl smooth and creamy with a wiff of the outdoors


artisan soap is creamy and smooth dusted with ground mica for astetic purposes.

oats and almond

artisan soap, long used for its healing and soothing abilities.the smell is uplifting.

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