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Lost Barn Farm

We are a small, family-owned, diversified vegetable farm and CSA in the Connecticut River Valley of Southern Vermont. We are committed to growing food that creates, nurtures and sustains community.

sweet potatoes

Red skinned, orange fleshed sweet potatoes by the pound.

Chinese cabbage

Also referred to as Napa cabbage, this crinkly leafed Asian cabbage can be eaten raw, cooked or fermented.

green cabbage

Tight green heads, almost white at their centers.

savoy green cabbage

A crinkly leafed cabbage, not quite as tightly layered as smooth leafed cabbage. Similar in texture to Napa cabbage,...

multi-colored carrots

A mix of yellow, orange and white carrots. Sweet winter carrots.


Also referred to as celery root, this knobby root boasts a nutty celery flavor. Grate raw into salad or slaw, add to...

Bloody Butcher Cornmeal

These deep maroon kernels make a slightly pink cornmeal with maroon flecks. Seed savers in Appalachia claim that the...


Though the bulbs are the main part of this anise-flavored vegetable, the stalks and fronds can be eaten as well.

garlic sampler bag

Can't decide which kind of garlic to get? Try all 9 varieties with this sampler bag. Bulbs are marked and a...

Bogatyr garlic

Marble Purple Stripe. Hardneck. 6-12 cloves per bulb. Excellent storage. A rich garlic flavor that presents with a...

Lorz Italian garlic

Artichoke type. Softneck. 12-20 cloves per bulb. Most excellent storage. Very popular for Italian dishes. It has a...

Phillips garlic

Rocambole. Hardneck. 6-15 cloves per bulb. Most excellent storage. Richly flavored mildly pungent garlic that...

Russian Red garlic

Rocambole. Hardneck. 6-12 cloves per bulb. Excellent storage. Strong garlic flavor with a warm sweet aftertaste; heat...

Spanish Roja garlic

Rocambole. Hardneck. 8-15 cloves per bulb. Excellent storage. Coveted by chefs for its complex flavor; a subtly...


Collard greens by the bunch


Escarole, also known as Broad-Leaf or Batavian Endive, is a member of the sunflower family broadly, and the chicories...

lacinato kale

Long dark green leaves, often referred to as "dinosaur" kale

green wave mustard greens

Curly green mustard has a strong bite.

red giant mustard greens

Dark purple leaves with strong mustard bite.


This member of the chicory family can be added to a salad, but is perhaps more often grilled, seared or braised,...


Tatsoi is a member of the Brassica family and is a variety of Asian greens closely related to Bok Choy. Indigenous to...


An umbellifer herb in the carrot family, also called green coriander, this herb evokes strong feelings in people. You...


The horseradish is grown by us and processed directly before market with only local raw apple cider vinegar added....

horseradish root

Unprocessed horseradish root.

spicy daikon & carrot kimchi

Fresh packed, raw fermented: grated daikon, grated carrot, salt, grated garlic, grated ginger, dried cayenne pepper,...


Literally translated from German as "cabbage turnip" these delightful members of the brassica family are...


Leeks, once popularly called “poor man’s asparagus” are one of the milder flavored members of the onion family. They...

red onions

Dry red onions by the pound

yellow onions

Dry yellow storage onions by the pound

daikon radish

Daikon, meaning "big root" in Japanese, are long radishes that have less bite than small salad radishes....

watermelon radish

These large radishes have a light green coloring to the skin and pink flesh inside, hence the name. While they may...

raspberry jam

A low sugar recipe made with our raspberries. Ingredients: raspberries, organic raw cane sugar, pectin.

Salsa Verde

Green salsa: tomatillos, jalapenos, garlic, parsley, lime juice, cumin powder, salt.

black futsu pumpkin

Ridged orange-grey pumpkins have similar flavor and texture to a kabocha (dense, dry and sweet) but with a thinner...

New England pie pumpkin

Edible orange pumpkins, make great soups as well as pies!

butternut squash

A classic winter squash with smooth tan skin and deep orange flesh. Easily peeled or roasted.

carnival winter squash

A multi-colored acorn squash. Sweeter than green acorns, carnival is an excellent storage squash.

Delicata squash

Sweet winter squash with edible skin.

kabocha squash

Japanese winter squash with a dry, dense and sweet, dark orange flesh. Red-skinned "sunshine" and...

spaghetti squash

A unique winter squash that pairs well with "spaghetti" seasonings: tomatoes, cheese, bell peppers,...

sweet dumpling winter squash

Similar flavor to a delicata in a round shaped squash. Approx. 1 lb squashes

golden turnips

A yellow turnip similar in texture to purple tops, with a mild, nutty turnip flavor.

purple top turnip

Large white turnips with purple shoulders.

hakurei salad turnips

White turnips that can be eaten raw or cooked.

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